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electric drum winch

The Precautions when using electric winch

Wire Rope Electric Winch

1, the drum of electric winch on the wire rope should be arranged neatly, if found it overlap and ramp around, should be shut down rearrangement. It is forbidden to pull the wire rope by hand and foot. Wire rope is not allowed to release completely, at least three laps should be retained.

2, wire rope is not allowed to knot, twist, break within a pitch more than 10%, should be replaced.

3, the operation, no one can cross the wire rope, objects to enhance the operator shall not leave the hoist. The object or cage should rest to the ground when resting.

4, the operation, the driver, the signal to maintain a good visibility with the lifting objects, the driver and the signal should be closely with the signal uniform command.

5, in case of power failure in the operation, should cut off the power, the lift down to the ground.

6, In the work to listen the command of the signal, the signal is unknown or may cause an accident should be suspended operation, to be clear before the situation can continue to operate.

7, a sudden power failure in the operation, should immediately pull the knife, the transport down.

8, the job is completed, the tray should be landing, lock the electrical box.

9, the rope in the course of the use of mechanical wear and tear. Spontaneous corrosion of local damage is inevitable, should be brushing the interval between the protective oil.

10, strictly prohibited to use overload. exceeds the maximum tonnage.

11, the use of the process should pay attention to do not appear knotted. Flatten. Arc wound. Chemical medium erosion.

12, not directly lifting high-temperature objects, for the edges and corners of the object to protect the board.

13, the use of the process should always check the use of wire rope, to achieve retirement standards should be immediately scrapped.

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