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electromagnetic Overhead crane

QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane With Magnet Cap 

electromagnetic Overhead crane

The Electromagnetic Overhead Crane has the knock-down electromagnet disk. It is especially applicable to transmit the black-metallic products and materials of magneto conductivity, such as steel ingot, profiled bar and pig iron block, etc. The crane is widely used in steel rolling lines of steel company storage shipyard and workshop, etc.

electromagnetic crane

This type of crane, its lifting capacity includes the weight of the carrier-beam. But the total weight doesn’t include the weight of the carrier-beam.

 Technical Parameter:

Capacity T 5 10/3 16/3 20/5 32/10
Operational method Pendent line with press button /cabin/remote control
Speed Main hook Lifting  


8 ,8/0.8 7,7/0.7 3.5 5 5
Aux. hook Lifting 8 8 7
Cross travelling 20 20 20 20 20
Long travelling Ground 30 30 30 30 30
Cabin 60 60 60 60 45.75
Motor Lifting Type /kw ZD141-4/7.5 ZD151-4/13/






Cross travelling ZDY122-4/0.8×2 ZDY122-4/1.5×2 ZDY122-4/1.5×2 ZDY122-4/1.5×2 ZD131-4/3
Long travelling Ground ZDY122-4/1.5×2 YZPEY2200-4/2.2×2 YZPEY2200-4/2.2×2 ZDDY31M-4/12/2×3.1/1.0 ZD131-4/3×2
Cabin ZDY122-4/1.5×2 ZDR112L2-4/3×2 ZDR112L2-4/3×2 ZDR112L2-4/3×2 YZRS114M-4/5×2
Electric hoist Type CD1/MD1 CD1/MD1 CD1/MD1 CD1/HC HC
Lifting height m 6,9,12,18,24,30 9,12,18,24
Working duty A5
Power supply Adjustable
Span m 7.5-22.5
Recommend rail 38kg/m 43kg/m


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