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Tyre Crane

Some need to pay attention to the maintenance of Tyre Crane

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  1. Normal pressure

Tyre Crane tire air pressure must be kept normal. When air pressure is normal, the tire crown and road surface contact area is larger, under uniform load, normal wear and tear. If the pressure is too late, the stiffness degradation is serious deformation after loading of tire. Because of the local wear of the shoulder, the deformation of the tyre will cause the heat of the carcass, causing the fatigue of the cord and the early loss of the carcass; If the air pressure is too high, the tire will become stiff, elastic will decrease, and the cord will be broken due to over stretching. Due to the smaller grounding area at the same time, accelerate the tire crown local wear and increase the load per unit area, cause early damage or puncture, this phenomenon is particularly acute in summer. Therefore, the driver in front of the work should pay attention to check the tire pressure, when the aeration in time.

  1. Start and stop smoothly

Machinery at the start, the tire suddenly turn from static state. If the initial excessive speed, tire and road surface friction violently, can accelerate the tread wear. Therefore, the engineering machinery started is not excessive, and should be accelerated with the appropriate loose clutch, the machine slowly started smoothly without shaking, avoid drag due to the tire and the ground acceleration and tread wear.

  1. Timely maintenance

Mechanical on the road, if there is a lack of power, difficult operation, body tilt, sound, jitter or burning smell, should immediately stop check tyre situation. On the way to rest, should check the tire pressure and temperature is normal, tire nut is loose, tire scratches, etc., and carefully check the tread embedded presence of clutter, once found to keep clear of in time.

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