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Travelling Gantry Crane

How to check the electrical parts of Travelling Gantry Crane?

single girder gantry crane

  1. Check the collector of Travelling Gantry Crane, whether or not the power sliding line has deformation and wear. Sliding contact with the slide block are in good condition. If the cable is used to transport the power, it should also check whether the cable insulation layer is aging or not, whether the cable guiding device is flexible and whether the cable is retractable and flexible.
  2. Whether the insulation resistance of the inspection Travelling Gantry Crane motor is within the normal range, the operation time is normal and the temperature rise is normal; Check its slip ring, brush, wire joint without obvious cracks, wear, looseness and adhesion carbon powder.
  3. Check the electric components and control system of Travelling Gantry Crane. Check whether the shell of the switch is damaged or not, whether the pressure of the contact part is right when the switch is closed and whether the capacity of the fuse meets the requirements. The main contact of the contactor and auxiliary contact any singe contact between the contact pressure whether enough. The contact whether removed completely. There is no attachment of the dynamic and static core pulling surface of contactor, when the pull in is the same as that of the contactor, whether the arc extinguishing cover is intact or not. The cab should check whether the direction of the main controller is correct or not. Pay attention to check whether there is zero protection, especially check whether there is an emergency power off switch on the console, and confirm that the emergency situation can effectively cut off the power supply. Also, be aware of the sensitivity and reliability of the overload limiter, torque limiter, and all stroke protection devices.
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