Nucleon is a overhead crane, gantry crane, coal series hoisting equipment, small light lifting equipment and other products of research and development, manufacture, installation, sales and service as one of the Sino-foreign joint ventures.We provide high quality products and after-sales service!Welcome to consultation!

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Bridge Crane Design

Single Girder Bridge Crane Design our engineer design bridge crane for customer 10 ton single grider bridge crane the span: 20 meter Max. lifting height: 6 meter Read the rest

Shop Hoist Crane

Traveling ceiling work shop hoist crane from china Additional features and benefits include: 1.Type CD1,MD1 wire-rope electric hoist is a kind of small-lifting equipment. 2.It canbe mounted on single beam overhead crane ,gantry cranes, jib type CD…… Read the rest

Simple Jib Crane

Simple Jib Crane For Philippines BZ Simple Jib Crane is a small and medium-speed lifting equipment developed recently. It has characteristics of unique structure, safe and reliable operation ,high,efficiency. energy-saving, and flexibility. It …… Read the rest

Double Girder EOT Crane

5ton to 50ton LH Model Electric Hoist Double Girder EOT Crane design 1. LH model electric hoist type double girder EOT crane (overhead crane) is traveling on fixed support frame; 2. The crane beams adopts box-type welding frame, and it used togeth…… Read the rest

Gantry Crane Pictures

Outdoor Single Girder Gantry Crane Pictures Single girder gantry crane also called single girder door crane or goliath crane, it is a kind of track travelling mid-light type crane, can be used where overhead runways are not practical, or in open a…… Read the rest

Advanced Overhead Crane

Designed Advanced Overhead Crane To lift the dream As a crane equipment trader, to lift the heavy goods is only our obligation, not our purse Sometimes we want to own a super robot, because the load is too heavy to bear, sometimes in life Sometime…… Read the rest