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What are the technical standards of bridge crane?

What are the technical standards of bridge crane?

The optimal design of bridge crane is a collection of electrical and mechanical design, manufacturing process, energy consumption, safety, environmental protection, Safe environmental protection, and many other factors related to the evaluation of complex systems and various personnel to participate in the multi-objective decision-making optimization problem, the overall requirement is to achieve economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit comprehensive optimal target.

Influential factors of technology general can adopt quantitative analysis, and reflect the manufacturability, environmental protection and economy factors are unable or difficult to use numerical said, needs to adopt qualitative analysis.For bridge crane, the weight of the equipment, the size of the outer contour, limit of size, high performance, manufacturing installation process (including production to finish testing cycle length), is the appraisal index of design level.

Some indicators can’t realize the quantitative assessment directly, need to adopt expert evaluation methods be given,So the assessment indicators have a certain degree of relative accuracy and the relative inaccuracy (ambiguity) associated with human factors.

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