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10 ton Single Girder Overhead Crane

Fault Handling of 10 ton Single Girder Overhead Crane


Symptom: 10 tons Single Girder Overhead Crane consisted of the total switch, the total contactor, the body is composed of reversing the contactor and control circuit, the button box includes emergency stop, start and stop the total contactor button, When the hoist is installed, during debugging, the cart and trolley can work normally. When the hoisting mechanism operates the rising or falling button, the total contactor is jumped. When pressing the power start button to ensure the total contactor pulls in, After debugging, the cart and the trolley can work normally. When the lifting mechanism operates the rising or falling button, the total contactor is jumped. When the power start button is pressed to ensure that the total contactor is pulled in and the up and down buttons are pressed, Contactor back and forth closed, open, beating.

The process of investigation: First, check the line, no problem, separate the lifting motor line access to the total contactor, it can run, the power circuit cut off, separate test control loop, electric hoist contactor can pull normally, but the power transmission , The jump contactor, the motor insulation is normal.

Fault solution: According to multi-investigation, control loop, power circuit, ground insulation, are normal, and finally suspected power supply problems, because the site of the temporary power supply, the line is longer, and temporary power cord is only 2.5mm2, Power supply, problem solving.

Inspired by the installation :understand the situation, also made a number of troubleshooting, and finally suspected power problem.

1, the failure which was been ruled also to adhere  (such as the control loop, power circuit, insulation, etc.)

2, do not believe that appearance, the courage to doubt things are not certified

3, on-site failure phenomenon is a lot, and some may never thought about

4, some problems itself is very simple, but to find out is very difficult

I hope to be of some help.

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