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Correction method for the girder of gantry crane

Correction method for the girder of gantry crane

Any size of single and double girder gantry crane will be preset camber when product, but also must be on the crown of the crane in the use of a long time or steel fatigue caused by the crown droop when you need to correct the crown or adjust the correction .

What is the crown of the crane ? To the main beam at both ends of the car on the plane corresponding to the point of connection as a benchmark, the main beam cross elevation in the height above the baseline, known as the crane girder on the crown. Crane crown calculation formula for the F = Fmax * (1-4×2 / L2), crane arch degree should be consistent with: 0.9 / 1000L-1.4 / 1000L

Commonly used methods of testing the traditional method of pulling the wire and the current hanging hook hanging method and the magnet suspension method.

Crane sag value is strictly prohibited after the operation, otherwise it will lead to the beam, crane girder fracture, deformation and other dangerous occurrences, requiring professional and technical personnel to correct the correction before being reused!

Crane arch correction in general from the following three aspects to control: the main beam and the main beam under the beam assembly welding and main beam repair.

1, the main girder web prefabricated on the arch and the degree of pre-cast parabolic parabolic by lofting, the use of computer-aided design and calculation of the corresponding high point.

2, the main beam assembly positioning After welding to detect the degree of its crown on the basis of the test results and determine the four lead seam seam welding sequence, thus controlling the degree of change in the direction and size of the crown.

3, the main beam dressing is the main beam after welding on the degree of camber and next to the amendment, while the use of mechanical and flame and other methods to trim out to meet the requirements of the upper arch value and the next bend value.

Gantry Crane arch correction there are flame correction method, the prestressing method of correction, repeated welding correction, cutting correction, increase the stability of steel and other amendments to adjust the method. Specific methods, depending on the situation may be, can not be stereotyped, and only mastered the characteristics of various methods, scope, precautions and other knowledge, in order to correct and rational choice of correction programs to achieve the desired correction effect.

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