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mobile cranes

Where is the best for mobile cranes?


The mobile crane is a crane which can move freely along the track or no track, such as tyre gantry crane, container crane, gantry crane and Boat Lifting Gantry Crane.

For the selection of crane equipment parking location, should also based on specific circumstances

The first is to choose the parking place when the work is to be carried out: try to choose a flat, solid ground for parking, do not work in the puddle of muddy ground, if the site is limited, in order to ensure smooth operation, the slope of the ground shall not > 3 °. In addition, the crane parking place should also ditch, foundation pit and other topographic areas to maintain a certain safe distance, to avoid vibration caused by accidents and other operations.

The second followed by the collection of the parking place when the selection: For storage security considerations, the mobile crane parking place should be chosen to have dedicated staff to watch the park for parking, to prevent someone from destruction or theft. In addition, if it is hot and hot weather, the crane should be parked in a shade covered with shade or cover the place, avoid high temperature lead to damage to the crane internal parts. Of course, parked indoors is the best.

There are some mobile crane is located in coastal areas, but also need to consider factors such as the typhoon winds weather, so the parking place need to choose carefully, to prevent accidental collision by crane some objects of wind blown and damage.

Then when the long-term out of the parking place for choice: if the mobile crane long-term disabled, except in the maintenance need good protection, parked in the choice should be to meet the ventilation, drying, safety, before use to check, to avoid long time not use lead has damaged machine parts.

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