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Attention of Gantry crane Windproof

Suggestions and points for attention of Gantry crane Windproof

The Gantry crane is particularly important in the wind problems, often in a small detail will not care about the problem, is the so-called pull the whole body, so the Gantry crane should pay more attention to wind problems. The following are the recommendations of the Gantry crane wind problem and should pay attention to the place:



First, the wind and anti-skid ability depends on the friction coefficient, friction coefficient varies greatly, so the design of the safety factor should be appropriately increased, so that the minimum friction coefficient is still the margin of friction, such as anti-skid device clamp The mouth contact surface roll out the tooth surface and the surface hardening, so as to improve the friction coefficient.

Second, the anti-escape device can not be alone to meet the work of wind pressure or non-working pressure of all-round security, should be combined with other devices to form a complete anti-wind anti-skid system.

Third, the strength of the design for a variety of clamp clamp, selection cases, the use of finite element stress analysis of the various components of the internal stress and deformation, internal stress (internal force, internal torque) distribution and inspection deformation and displacement of the relationship between the design, Modified design method.

Fourth, the study of friction identification method, the establishment of friction test, check the brake, clip rail clamp and the friction wheel friction surface is reliable friction coefficient.

Pay attention

First, non-working conditions of anti-wind anti-skid requirements, should be installed anchorage device, the anchorage device should be able to independently withstand the wind load of the Gantry crane non-working state, in addition to plug-type can also be installed pull-type cable or other forms of anchors Fixed device.

Second, the working state of the wind braking device to be used brake and clamp device, the brake and release action can be interlocked with the operating mechanism, and should be able to remote control or automatic operation in the control room; wheel brake used to Gantry crane The car brakes in motion and works with clamp clamps to prevent sudden hurricanes.

  1. The anchorage device shall ensure that the Gantry crane and its associated components are safe and reliable in the following cases:

(A) when the Gantry crane enters the non-operating condition and is anchored.

(B) when the Gantry crane is in operation and the Gantry crane is in normal operation and anchored.

(C) When the Gantry crane is in operation and in normal operation, it suddenly encounters a wind load exceeding the limit wind speed of the working state to be anchored.

Fourth, the outdoor work of the orbital Gantry crane should be installed reliable wind and anti-skid devices, and should meet the provisions of the working state and non-working state anti-skid requirements.

Fifth, the Gantry crane can not only install anti-wind braking device without anchoring device, or wind-resistant braking device should be able to withstand the wind load of the Gantry crane non-working condition.

6, clamping clamp divided into active and passive (self-locking), active type is divided into manual and automatic, manually manual transmission of human-driven screw to the clip rail link force is not enough to cope with strong winds, and Encounter emergency state is not enough, the passive clamp force, with the wind the greater the greater the reliability of the active than the automatic rail clamp better.

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