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port crane design

Experience of port crane design


First, With the development of port and terminal cargo transportation, port crane plays a more and more important role in hoisting and transporting cargoes. From simple mechanical hoisting to today’s automatic handling, loading and unloading, Greatly improving the work efficiency. The following is the production and installation of a port crane, electrical installation for this, a brief description of debugging, hoping to peer enlightenment.

Second, the electrical system components

1, for power distribution system

The power supply and distribution system mainly serves as the power supply and distribution of the whole equipment electrical system. Mainly for the lifting mechanism, the rotating body, luffing agencies, travel agencies, lighting systems, audio systems, security systems to provide reliable power protection.

2, hoisting mechanism electrical system

Lifting mechanism electrical system, as the name suggests is effective, reliable, scientific control equipment, lifting, lowering, crawling, open and other functions, but also the entire electrical control equipment, one of the core system, but also the entire electrical system design, commissioning, installation , Maintenance of the focus, one of the difficulties. Regardless of the technical parameters selected, electrical configuration and other technical requirements are relatively high.

3, the rotating body electrical system

Rotating mechanism The electrical system mainly controls the rotating action of the rotating mechanism, and makes the rotating mechanism smooth and safe working under the coordination of the hydraulic control system and the electric control system.

4, luffing mechanism electrical system

The luffing mechanism electrical system mainly controls the boom of the hoisting mechanism of the lifting mechanism, so that the luffing mechanism increases and decreases in amplitude steadily.

5, walking electrical system

The electrical system of the walking mechanism mainly controls the track operation of the equipment. It requires smooth operation and no deviation, slippage and so on, which will seriously affect the service life of the machinery.

6, auxiliary electrical system

Auxiliary electrical system, in order to make the whole equipment running in a safe and controllable, efficient under the requirements of the work. (Including safety alarm, warning, etc.), security system (including overload, over-travel, over-travel, over-travel, over-travel, over-travel, Wind speed, over speed, etc.).

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