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Boat Lifting Gantry Crane

Ruber Tyre Mobile Boat Lifting Gantry Crane Detail specification
1.Electro-hydraulic transmission system is adopted in hoisting and traveling parts and
features small volumn, light weight, compact structure, smooth running, quick response,
small inertia, easy operation and automation. The crane is able to high-speed start,
brake and turn.
2. Multipoint hoisting disperses forces acting on the hull without strongly pressuring.
Movable hoisting points and dynamic balance are suitable for boats of different types
and can automatically adjust the deflection angle for adaption.
3. Radar anti-collision method is safe and effective.
4. Adoption of load sensitive control technology enables the crane to produce output
as actual demand to prevent energy wasts.
5. Soft but sturdy hoisting belts make no damage on hulls surface.

100t~300t Mobile Boat Lifting Gantry Crane Main Parameters
Rated capacity t 100 150 200 300
Grounding specific pressure kg/cm2 11.5 11 11.5 6.5
Grade ability m/min 2% 4% 4% 4%
Lifting speed   m/min Full load 0~2 0~1 0~2 0~1
Non-load 0~5 0~4 0~3 0~3
Running speed  m/min Full load 0~20 0~20 0~20 0~20
Non-load 0~35 0~35 0~35 0~35
Working ambient tempt. Below 20℃~ above 50℃
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