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metallurgical crane

Use environment of metallurgical crane

metallurgical crane

  1. Metallurgical Crane power supply is generally three-phase AC, frequency 50Hz, voltage 380V. The upper limit of voltage fluctuation on motor and electrical equipment is +10%, Lower limit (peak current) is rated voltage of -15%, Internal voltage loss of crane, For the ingot crane, the clamp crane, with the frame of the whole crane and slab flip crane is not more than 5%, Other types of cranes in this standard shall not exceed 4%. If the power supply has special requirements, according to the needs of users, by the supply and demand sides to determine.
  2. Metallurgical Crane installation and use of the altitude of not more than 2000m (More than 1000m should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the GB755 motor capacity check)
  3. Working environment temperature and humidity
  4. Metallurgical Crane working environment temperature is generally -10~+50 degrees Celsius
  5. At + 40 ℃ temperature relative humidity less than 50%
  6. There shall be no flammable, explosive and corrosive gases on the site of the crane and shall comply with the relevant standards and documents
  7. The installation of the Metallurgical crane track should generally meet the requirements of GB10183, in case of special circumstances can be specified as required. In particular, it is necessary to remind that the rational use of metallurgical crane can not only prolong the service life, to avoid accidents.
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