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purchase European electric hoist

How to purchase the European type electric hoist?


The European electric hoist has brought great convenience in use, but at the time of purchase to live will consider a lot of problems, many factors influencing these problems, that will bring a lot of concerns, here is some preventable.

European electric hoist used a mechanical and electrical design, can replace the different mold, you can suppress the wire rope, different specifications of the control is simple and safe. The major drawback for motor cooling conditions, packet difference, check device, convenient maintenance, motor, power supply unit complex.

The electric hoist whose axis is parallel to the axis of the drum has the advantages of small size and height, which has the disadvantages of large width, grouping, and complex manufacturing and assembly.

In the purchase of European electric hoist should pay attention to the following points, beware of:

  1. The use of consumers to pursue low price psychology to sell inferior products. This is one of the most common means of sale, the sale of inferior products, regardless of the consequences of consumer use, so the low price metallurgical electric hoist to be careful to buy
  2. Using brand effect to sell fake label products. Some consumers are more trusted well-known imported brands, so black businesses to take advantage of this, the inferior products will be affixed to the international famous brand.
  3. The use of customers to pursue high quality psychological sales of inferior products, Ordinary products and even inferior products OEM and import metallurgical electric hoist box to confusion consumer awareness, to seek benefits.
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