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Winch Motor

Introduction of Maintenance Method for Winch Motor

Wire Rope Electric Winch

Motor is an important part of the winch, but also the most expensive parts of the winch, if it damaged, then the repair or replacement costs will be high. So that remind customers to properly maintain the winch or winch motor. The maintenance method is as follows:

1, the environment of the use should always be kept dry, the motor surface should be kept clean, the inlet should not be dust, fiber and other obstacles.

2, when the thermal protection of the motor continuous action, should identify the fault from the motor or overload or protection device set value is too low to eliminate the fault before they can be put into operation.

3, should ensure that the motor in the course of running a good lubrication. General motor running 5000 hours or more, that should be added or replaced grease, running found in the bearing overheating or lubrication deterioration, the hydraulic time for grease. When replacing the grease, remove the old lubricating oil and have the oil purge bearing and the oil sump of the bearing cap, then fill the ZL-3 lithium grease with the 1/2 of the cavity between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, And 2/3 (for 4,6,8 poles).

4, when the end of the bearing life, the motor running vibration and noise will be significantly increased, check the bearing radial clearance to the following values, that should be replaced bearings.

5, remove the motor, from the shaft extension or non-extended end can be removed from the rotor. If it is not necessary to remove the fan or remove the rotor from the non-axial extension, it is advisable to prevent damage to the stator windings or insulation when withdrawing the rotor from the stator.

6, the replacement winding must be recorded in the original winding form, size and number of turns, wire gauge, etc., when the loss of these data, the factory should be obtained, free to change the original design of the winding, often a motor or a few performance Worsening, and even unable to use.

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