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Introduction of electric winch

Introduction of electric winch

Wire Rope Electric Winch

Electric winch electrical components are include: contactors, controllers, relays, switches and other electrical components, which should be sensitive and reliable, the contact should be smooth, good contact, easy to stick, jam and so on.

Electric winch metal structure and electrical equipment of the metal shell, pipe slot, cable metal skin, etc. should be grounded, grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4, grounding device selection and installation should be consistent with the provisions of GBJ232. Electric winch should use copper core multi-strand wire, and should be used rubber or plastic insulation.

Electric winch electrical protection measures: the line should be equipped with a fuse with the main isolation switch, or take other isolation measures; electric hoist should be installed in an emergency situation quickly cut off the total control of the emergency power switch, and installed The electric winch should be equipped with short-circuit and over-current protection, pressure protection, zero protection; remote electric winch must have to control the signal failure to ensure that the electric winch to stop the movement of the facilities.

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