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Electric hoist manufacturers

How to Repair electric hoist?

CD electric hoist

Electric hoist manufacturers pointed out that to check the electric hoist, the main control loop of electrical damage, disconnection or bad contact, also can make the hoist motor open phase can’t work normally. In this case, the main control loop must be checked. In order to prevent the power of the Lord, to control circuit of three-phase motor open phase and burning motor, or hoist the motor suddenly operating, causing harm, make sure the hoist motor is disconnected from the power line.

Only to master and control circuit of transmission, Then starting and resting at the switch, Check, analyze and control the work of electric appliance and circuit. Repair or replace the electrical or wiring that has a problem, When the master control loop is proved to be out of bounds, the test can be re run.

Check whether the power supply system supplies power to the electric hoist, Commonly used test pencil test, such as not sending, send again after work. Products are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, electricity, railways, water conservancy, ports, terminals and other industries, Product performance is good, reliable quality, won the praise of users. The main products are: various specifications electric hoist, wire rope electric hoist, single beam electric hoist, explosion proof electric hoist, safety sliding contact wire, crane, jib crane, single beam crane, gantry crane, overhead crane. We need to check if the grid voltage is too low, The starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. The acceleration torque can not overcome the load torque, can not reach the running speed, and should improve the grid voltage properly.

If the electric hoist motor terminal voltage is lower than the rated voltage of more than ten percent, the starting torque of the motor is too small, so that the hoist can not lift the goods, but can not work, check, use multimeter or voltmeter measurement voltage of the motor input. Second, check whether the fuse is blown off, if one phase is broken, then the electric machine single-phase start, the starting torque is zero, the electric machine can not roll, should replace enough fuse. The load is too large or the transmission hood is faulty, and the power of the general electric hoist is reasonable, Lifting heavy objects can not overload, if the electric hoist can not roll, first unload the load. If the electrical performance is normal start, indicating that the gearbox and other transmission failure, should check the towing machine, clear fault.

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