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Application of Single Girder Overhead crane

Application of Single Girder Overhead crane

Single girder Overhead Crane

Single girder overhead crane is a two-side connection in the cement column or metal bracket, shaped like a Overhead lifting equipment. The crane is used in the workshop, the material yard and the warehouse for the lifting of heavy objects.

Overhead crane in the air and the ends of the beam can be along the elevated track on the vertical movement, use the space below the material to carry out the lifting work, to avoid the impact of the obstacles on the ground. Due to the advantages of the above single girder overhead crane, it has become one of the most extensive and largest lifting equipment.

The single girder overhead crane is used in which field? includes indoor and outdoor factory warehouse, material field, metallurgical steelmaking field, railway transportation construction field, port loading and unloading field and logistics turnover and other fields. Has become a modern industrial production and lifting transport in the indispensable tool to a certain extent, to achieve a mechanized, automated handling, improve efficiency and reduce the burden on workers.

In the operation of the single girder overhead crane, the maintenance precautions include these points

First, need to regulate the operation, certificate posts;

Second, regular maintenance, add lubricants, to ensure that the machine can be normal, safe operation;

Third, to comply with the “ten hanging” criteria, prohibit overload and to lift people.

Through the normal operation of the crane, reasonable maintenance, can reduce the crane failure, to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life.

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