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How will you operate the gantry crane?

How will you operate the gantry crane?


1.No protective shed is arranged above the ground feed inlet of the gantry crane frame, even if there is, the protection of the length of the cabin is mostly less than the specification, not in accordance with the object falling radius set, the shortest length is not even can not effectively prevent the object at the entrance to fall, hit the accident.

  1. The floor of the building at the discharge port, don’t have protective door, or after the installation is not used. On both sides of the outlet of discharge is not required to set up the protection edge protection railing and toe board. After the construction into the decoration stage, and even the removal of the protective door, so that the floor of the staff did not side protection, it is not possible to prevent the collision and falling accident of the personnel in the lifting operation.
  2. The winch is on the gantry crane side frame without protective railing or protective net, once the rope breaks, will cause damage to the operator.
  3. When the distance is near winch operation area, a door ceiling set can’t meet requirements. Some only laying a layer of asbestos or single bamboo, do not have the ability to prevent against objects, can not guarantee that the equipment can run and the safety of operating personnel.
  4. Wire rope winch across the road, without crossing protection, cannot avoid the destruction of compaction and damage, on-site workers across is also very unsafe.
  5. The bottom of the gantry crane shelf forms a channel, the operator can freely traverse the lower part of the frame body, once the basket run down or above the litter, will cause harm to the workers.
  6. The discharge platform is not standardized on the floor , there is no self-contained and the building structure of the connection, but is linked to the scaffolding; platform is not full of wood, wood is not fixed, even on the platform laying steel instead of wood, easy to cause the staff to fall.
  7. A lot of gantry crane small frame limit process more (the highest position and the distance of hanging blue beam components of the lowest) were less than not up to standard requirements, in case of accidents (such as mechanism, electrical fault) electromagnetic cannot disconnect, when the driver does not have enough time to use the emergency power switch off the power, will lead to the basket and beam collision.
  8. The overhead roof of overhead gantry crane frame is not provided with protective roof, Or not according to the requirements of laying wooden plank, some only laying a layer of bamboo. Elevated gantry crane due to long distance running up and down, Go through many floors, if you do not set the protection of the roof, it is not possible to prevent the person entering the hanger from being beaten by heavy objects.
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