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bridge crane brake

Why does the bridge crane reverse the brakes will damage the transmission system?

Bridge crane is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises lifting machinery, A locomotive depot is assigned to multiple bridge cranes, the frequent use of daily workload. The normal operation of the bridge crane can directly affect the completion of the maintenance tasks and the safety of the equipment.

Bridge crane body is very heavy, large inertia at run time, and the normal operation of the bridge crane immediately reverse the brake, the entire operating mechanism will produce a lot of torque, damage to the transmission system. The drive shaft is broken seriously, may also enable the body twisting deformation. Reverse brake will also make the gear coupling system violent impact, damage gear, resulting in equipment accident. Reversing the brakes will also cause the electric machine to produce large torque and strong current, Severe motor will burn.

Reversing the brakes will also cause the suspension of the air to cause the swing to fall. Therefore, in the work, in addition to the accident in order to avoid the special risk situation, not allowed to reverse the emergency brake. With the rapid development of electronic technology, the performance and reliability of the frequency converter has been greatly improved, which provides favorable conditions for the application of the bridge crane transmission system.

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