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protection gantry crane

The problem of repair and protection of gantry crane reducer


1.The trolley reducer leakage repair protection

Gantry crane reducer due to vibration, wear, pressure, temperature and other factors, the joint surface of the static seal parts often appear oil leakage phenomenon. Traditional management methods to remove the reducer, replace the gasket or apply sealant, but time-consuming and laborious, and difficult to ensure that the sealing effect, in operation will re-leakage. Contemporary Western countries, the use of polymer composite materials on-site treatment of leakage, the most used blessing blue series. High-molecular material repair can be removed, oil resistance and tensile strength of 350%, very good to overcome the influence caused by vibration reducer, the repair effect is more effective than the traditional method.

  1. The wear treatment of crane reducer and active wheel

The active wheel and the speed reducer of the gantry crane are running frequently, Many times the emergency stop and stop will cause the reducer shaft torque, vibration, easy to cause leakage. After the occurrence of this kind of problem, the traditional method is mainly based on repair welding or brush plating, but there are some drawbacks: The thermal stress caused by the high temperature can not be eliminated completely, and it is easy to bend or break; And brush plating by the coating thickness limit, easy to peel off, and the above two methods are metal repair metal, can not change the “hard to hard” with the relationship, in the combined effect of each force will still cause re-wear. The latest maintenance methods for polymer composite materials, and the more application with the United States for technology products, which has strong adhesion, compressive strength and excellent comprehensive performance. Application of polymer materials to repair, not only no welding thermal stress effect, the thickness of repair is not restricted, At the same time the product has a metal material does not have the concession, can absorb the impact of equipment shock, to avoid the possibility of re-wear. And greatly extend the life of equipment components for enterprises to save a lot of downtime, to create a huge economic value.

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