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Safety requirements for wire rope

Safety requirements for wire rope


The safe life of the wire rope, largely determined by the maintenance of good or bad, therefore, the correct use and maintenance of wire rope is an important work for electric hoist and overhead crane. Generally should do:

1) Wire rope is a disk packaging factory, open the original roll wire rope, according to the correct method, can not cause distortion or knot.

2) When the wire rope is cut off, there should be measures to prevent the spread of the rope.

3) When installing the steel wire rope, it should not be carried out in the place where it is not clean, nor should it be wrapped around other objects. Should be prevented from drawing, grinding, rolling and excessive bending.

4) The wire rope should maintain a good lubrication. At least two times a month to lubricate, first with a wire brush to brush the wire rope on the dirt, and kerosene cleaning, and then heated to 80 ℃ above the oil dip dipped in wire rope, so that oil into the rope core. Special attention should be paid to the parts that are not easy to see and are not easy to close, such as the rope in the balance pulley

5) Daily use of wire rope should be checked every day, including the end of the fixed connection, check the balance pulley, and make a safety judgment.

6) When receiving the wire rope, it is necessary to check the certificate of the wire rope to ensure that the mechanical performance, specifications and the original design of the wire rope.

7) The wire rope shall be protected from damage, corrosion, or other physical causes, resulting in reduced chemical properties.

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