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Hook gantry crane

Introduce for you what is the relationship between hook size and gantry crane?

A smaller load (3 ton) of the hook, most directly fixed on the winch.

In most cases, the weight of the hook itself can not be closer to the cable and overcome the friction of the transmission mechanism and pull the motor rotor, so need to add some special weight.

Jib crane, which usually load capacity of 2.5 tons and 3 tons, are equipped with hook head, between the hook and hook head, with a length of about 1/2 meters of the chain, so that So that the hook has a lot of exercise.

The purpose of the use of spring hook head, that is, to reduce the hammering on the hook effect. If you use a flexible enough cable, the general can not use such a spring hook head, only in the light forging heavy crane use it.

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