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operating the gantry crane

The working principle of emergency handling When operating the gantry crane

1.Timely principle

Mainly including the timely withdrawal of personnel, timely reporting, timely notification of the insurance company and timely help.

2.”Go first, after the risk” and “risk after the first save,” principle

After an accident or emergency, all personnel in the danger zone shall first be taken out of the danger zone, and then have to carry out the work for risk. In the case of danger and the accident is still under development or the situation has not been eliminated, the lifting equipment is then removed from the work, so as not to affect the timely rescue of the injured.

  1. After the first emergency rescue, “and” the first emergency, after the exclusion of “principle

In the case of danger and accidents thrown in the continuation of the development or danger has not been eliminated, must first support safety emergency measures and rescue ambulance, so as not to hurt. Save requires urgent, but also requires safe otherwise, not only failed to reach the purpose of saving, but also to rescue the injured, increasing the difficulty of new rescue, in the scene out of work, must adopt reliable safety measures to support for, in order to avoid the risk of injuries.

  1. First, the principle of risk, after cleaning

Only in the event that the accident continues to develop and eliminate the danger, in order to clean up the scene of the accident. However, in all this must comply with the provisions of the accident handling procedures and to go to the approval, can be carried out.

  1. Principles of site protection

Prior to the accident investigation group before the accident scene, It is necessary to fully protect the original site, so as not to affect the investigation and handling of the accident, the protection of the accident scene is the responsibility of all personnel, the destruction of the scene is illegal.

Does not damage the status of the case, in order to ensure the safety and rescue work for risk, you can set the temporary support to prevent damage development and stability of damage state. In the setting of supporting measures, should be taken at the time of the scene and local photos, So as to avoid the possible disturbance in the implementation of support, resulting in the investigation analysis difficulties.

All should be based on the principle of ensuring the safety of personnel, to ensure the smooth disassembly.

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