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How to solve the overhead crane failure

How to solve the overhead crane failure

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It is often said that the plan can not keep up with the changes, overhead crane manufacturers in the design and development of overhead cranes need to consider a variety of failures and various adverse factors, and to improve themselves; but we get the overhead crane when it is still there will be a variety of problem and failure.

For example, we are using a overhead crane to lift the goods, suddenly the overhead crane failure, so that the safety of lifting equipment, we do not pay attention to it? If there is no solution to the overhead crane failure or other factors, it will be prone to damage to the overhead crane, and even lead to the occurrence of large security incidents.

So how do we solve the overhead crane when it suddenly fails?

One: operational errors.

The controller did not stop at zero when parked. At this time the brake solenoid is not powered off, the overhead crane does not stop. But the driver mistakenly thought that he had “stopped”, so the phenomenon of the rapid decline in load occurred at this time that the brake failed.

The incorrect handling of the controller handle method is the root cause of this situation, the lack of practical experience of the driver, it is not easy to quickly find the cause of this situation. Because after the point car or anti-car operation, the brake “false failure” has been eliminated.

Second, contactor failure

When the brake contactor is closed (brake release) when the contactor of the PQR6402 control panel with two-stage reverse brake is not closed, when the reverse contact level is switched from the reverse brake level to the regeneration descent level, While the motor is not powered, so the hook will fall freely.

Encounter this situation to immediately stop. This kind of hook free fall situation, usually called brake “false failure”. But it occurs when the controller is in the regenerative descent position, and the controller does not exist when the controller is pulled back to zero.

Third, the brake failure

Brake suddenly after the failure, should immediately be a point car or anti-car operation. After the car and anti-operation, if the failure situation continues to exist, it should be based on the situation at the time of the object, take the effective emergency measures, and issued a warning signal.

If the work is close to the ground, there is no danger of falling, it should be pulled to the last block of the brake, with the normal method of operation, the required objects to go down. Not allowed to let it fall freely.

If the original position to fall directly to the object will cause an accident, it is necessary to act decisively open anti-car, the controller handle step by step to the direction of the last gear (to pay special attention to, then can not suddenly turn the control handle to The last file, because the action will be too fast will over-current relay action).

In the direction of the controller handle to the rising direction at the same time, according to the specific circumstances, the big car (or torsion bar) to a safe position, the object down. In the above measures, if the rise once, large, car (or torsion bar) can not drive to a safe position, it is necessary to repeatedly lift one or two times.

The condition that the hanger can not stop moving when the crankshaft is pulled back to zero is called the brake failure. The sudden failure of the brake will cause the hook to fall rapidly, resulting in significant equipment accidents and personal accidents.

Each driver should have a high sense of responsibility, pay attention to pre-test repair, to prevent the sudden failure of the accident occurred. When the brake suddenly fails, the driver should be calm, calm, take reasonable measures to minimize or eliminate the possible accidents and losses.

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