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EOT Crane Spare Parts

The Main structure, mechanical parts, electrical control parts and technical requirements of EOT Crane Spare Parts

Four-beam Casting Overhead Crane

Lifting mechanism of EOT Crane Spare Parts is composed of motor, reducer, drum set, wire rope hook group, pulley block, and so on, the hoisting motor and speed reducer adopts domestic famous brands.

The running mechanism of large and small trolley is made up of motor, reducer, wheel set and other components. The wheel bearings of the cart are NJ314EM bearings, and the trolley are driven separately.

The bridge frame of EOT Crane Spare Parts is composed of main beam, end beam, etc.

Safety facilities include : lift limit position , size vehicle operation limit switch , large cart anti – collision switch , size vehicle stop , buffer , etc .

Electrical control of EOT Crane Spare Parts: ground control.

Electrical control of EOT Crane Spare Parts: ground control. The trolley is supplied by single pole 500A sliding wire, and the collector adopts domestic high quality products, the collector is double carbon brush type, and the trolley is powered by towing cable.

The sliding contact wire is not deformed for a long time, and the working life is not less than 10 years.

The sliding contact wire should be installed conveniently, fixed firmly, and provided with anti-loosening measures.

The main electrical components (such as contactors, etc.) are made of Siemens or Schneider products, while the remaining electrical components, including flashlights, are all domestic famous brands.

Electrical protection: including emergency stop switch, overcurrent protection, voltage loss protection, short circuit protection, etc.

The sliding device shall be fitted with a protective plate, a crane safety stop, etc., and the structure shall conform to the standard of GB5905-86 Crane Test Code and procedure. There is a collision avoidance mechanism between the two cranes.

Hook of EOT Crane Spare Parts using wire rope to prevent decoupling.

The EOT Crane Spare Parts must be provided with a weight limiter, When the load exceeds the specified value, it should be able to automatically cut off the lift power source.

Brake system must be safe and reliable, slow down smoothly and quickly.

All outsourcing parts must be produced by professional manufacturers and all surface parts are treated as anticorrosive treatment.

  1. The color of the equipment body and the electronic control box shall be designated by Party A.
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