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Motorized Hoist

Wire Rope Electric Motorized Hoist Motor should be scrapped in the following 8 cases

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Motorized Hoist Motor, commonly known as Motorized Hoist Motor, refers to an electromagnetic device that converts or transfers electrical energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. According to the structure and working principle , it can be divided into direct current Motorized Hoist Motor , asynchronous Motorized Hoist Motor and synchronous Motorized Hoist Motor . It is the source of the power of wire rope electric hoist , which is the ” heart ” part. Wire rope electric Motorized Hoist Motor should be scrapped in the following 8 cases:

The phenomenon of wire-rope electric hoist cleaning is mostly caused by uneven or non-concentric clearance between stator and rotor, after repair, there is still a sweeping phenomenon, and the Motorized Hoist Motor should be discarded.

The brake helical spring of the conical brake Motorized Hoist Motor has plastic deformation or fatigue damage. When the amount of deformation is more than 10% of the specified value under the specified pressure, the spring should be scrapped.

When the Motorized Hoist Motor rotor broken bars or rotor article cast pin thickness is not equal, When the Motorized Hoist Motor does not rotate or the load can not be rotated, the rotor of the Motorized Hoist Motor should be scrapped.

A cone-shaped brake Motorized Hoist Motor brake disc springs plastic deformation and fatigue damage, deformation under prescribed pressure exceeds 10% of the specified value, disc spring should be scrapped.

Because of the poor insulation performance, the stator winding enamelled wire has trauma or interturn, phase and pole insulation performance is poor, resulting in the stator winding burning, the Motorized Hoist Motor stator should be scrapped.

The abnormal sound of the electric Motorized Hoist Motor of the steel wire rope is due to the failure of the Motorized Hoist Motor silicon steel sheet, If the stator cannot be compressed and repaired, the stator should be scrapped; if the bearing quality is poor or the support cage is broken, the bearing shall be scrapped.

The slip ring or the brush should be replaced when the slip ring or brush wears strict wear, which causes the failure of the brush function.

If the wire rope electric Motorized Hoist Motor has the hot situation, often more than the prescribed standards for heating, or frequent thermal protection device, can’t repair should be scrapped. The temperature rise of class E insulated Motorized Hoist Motor shall not exceed 115 ℃ or F class insulation Motorized Hoist Motor temperature rise shall not exceed 155 ℃.


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