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EOT Crane Operation

Europe Standard EOT crane operation method
Modern society, the demand of Europe Standard EOT crane is more and more, especially in the current rapid development of science and technology, business is booming, the effect of crane is more prominent.But European crane as a kind of heavy machinery,should pay attention to safety, so what are the main place to pay attention ?See below.

Want to guarantee the safety of Europe Standard EOT crane, it is important to ensure that the crane’s performance is good, especially the crane use time is too long, before each use, all must check of various components in detail.Especially the jib crane, see whether its scale is in normal state,Whether the firm , must not have the overload.And, then, is to check the oil, if found that there is lack of or no, to complement immediately, be sure to ensure the normal operation of mechanical energy.
At the time of EOT crane operation,be careful not to hurt others.Because the crane is very heavy, action is not so convenience, as long as there is a little deviation is easy to hurt people around .When we were in the use of crane do not pass through man’s head, this may be the cause of objects fall off and cause casualties.Also can’t stand people below the crane arm, sometimes someone standing underneath the machine arm, slightly do not pay attention to, is likely to hit him.
Must follow the rules when operate European EOT crane , sometimes with interphone,sometimes is a command signal, can only be better listen to the command.Commanders in the outside can see the scene of the actual situation,operators and sometimes can not see as well.

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