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Bridge Crane Operation

BRIDGE CRANE operation to make mistakes

In the process of operate ELECTRIC HOIST rope ,some errors are more likely to appear,such as wire rope kink.
What is a wire rope kink?The wire rope kink refers to the single girder bridge crane wire rope permanent
deformation after local distortion.
Distortion and wire rope in the direction of the spin consistent ,so is called kink, vice is called
negative kink.
A lot of broken rope accident because of wire rope deformation and damage in advance,didn’t get people
enough care,cause serious results.


Well, I’ll introduce you several wrong operation of wire rope in use process;

Ordinary steel wire rope with rotation, if don’t banding the end of strand to tension, strand will to
twist direction rotation, this was the cause of wire rope kink internal factors.
Wire rope after the kink, after many lifting loading, cable, there is only a partial, generally don’t the
phenomenon of broken wires.
But tests show that single girder bridge crane wire rope strength will be significantly reduced after the
kink damage.Only the strength of the kink of 60% ~ 80%, negative snarling intensity is less than 50% of
the original strength.when Serious the strength will be reduced to only 10% ~ 10%.
The key of preventing a single girder bridge crane trauma to improve the lifting equipment.Pulley shall
set up reliable antiskid slot ring, ring and roller outer clearance is not more than 1/5 of the diameter
of wire rope.
Pulley shall set up reliable antiskid slot ring, ring and roller outer clearance is not more than 1/5 of
the diameter of wire rope.Roll on the wire rope cannot relax too much, in case of ring baffle mangled when
tightening around Jump out.In the process of operation, contact wire rope and other equipment abnormal
cause injury.Is one of the most obvious trauma chute in the pulley, wire rope on the drum baffle, the
result often dozens or even hundreds of metres of wire rope for local mangled and scrap.
Single girder bridge crane to prevent measures is according to the design specification should choose
roller and roll Angle, if necessary, can be set in the electric hoist mechanism rope or line pressure device,to prevent the occurrence of volume rope disorderly phenomena.After the wire rope around the drum coil prone to crushing phenomenon.Wire rope around the drum coil, crushing, when operating “rolling cheep cheep” noise.Wire rope damage caused by crushing will appear in the local quickly broken wires and traces of flattening.

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