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Gantry Crane Maintenance

Gantry Crane Maintenance

For gantry crane hoisting machinery equipment such as ,we need to repair as a top priority.This is because
the repair link can not only exposed the insufficiency of gantry crane current and problem ,also can
timely repair, change these shortcomings,so as to avoid more safety problems in the process of using.

For gantry crane maintenance, shall be carried out in a step.First of all is the maintenance personnel
qualification confirmation: must be familiar with the performance of the gantry crane equipment,
parameters, structure, action principle and corresponding maintenance skills

Second is concerning the management of overhaul scene: should be ruled out these factors that may affect
the inspection result confirmed, such as electromagnetic field.

Finally is the equipment maintenance process: the gantry crane lubrication situation of the current and
wire rope electric hoisting parts usage, electric control system and the corresponding electrical devices such as
part of the performance of the actual performance condition, equipment, the operating condition of working
mechanism, etc, through the use of actual test and comparison method to determine, and in the final

Then according to the corresponding results to improve or repair, until sure no missing defects or
problems exist, “overhaul” of gantry crane is completed.

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