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Electromagnetic crane

Electromagnetic crane components and working principle

electromagnetic Overhead crane

Electromagnetic cranes are machines that use the electromagnetic principle to carry steel items. The main part of the electromagnetic crane is the magnet and electric hoist. Turn on the current, the magnet will hold the steel items firmly, lifting to the designated place. Cut off the current, magnetic disappeared, steel items to put down. Electromagnetic cranes are very convenient to use, but must have a current can be used, can be used in scrap steel recycling sector and steelmaking workshop.

Electromagnetic cranes can produce powerful magnetic field force, dozens of tons of iron, wire, nails, scrap iron and other kinds of iron material, do not pack is not packed or bundled, can be easily collected and handled, not only Operation effort, and work is simplified. The steel material and the machine in the wooden box can be transported in the same way. Crane work, as long as the electromagnet coil in the current non-stop, the weight will be sucked up will not fall, invisible magnetic than the rugged chain more reliable. If the power is broken for some reason, it will cause an accident, and some of the electromagnetic cranes are equipped with steel claws. When the heavy loads are lifted, the strong steel claws will automatically fall and hold them tightly. The crane can not carry hot iron, because the high temperature of the steel can not be magnetized.

electromagnetic crane

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