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Imported electric hoist

Imported electric hoist is different from other lifting equipment

wire rope electric hoist

Imported electric hoist using range is very wide, is mainly used in the workshop, warehouse, wind power, logistics, port, construction and other industries, used for lifting or loading and unloading of goods, can also be convenient to lift heavy weights work or repair big machines.

Import electric hoist by the operating personnel use follow the manipulation button in the ground, also can be used in the control room controlling or cable (wireless) remote control. electric hoist can be used for fixed suspension, but also can be equipped with electric monorail trolley and hand push / pull monorail trolley walking.

Imported electric hoist: 0.1T 0.25T 0.5T 1.5T 1T tonnage 2T 3T 5T 10T 20T 25T 30T 50T 60T electric hoist installation: beam hoist, bridge crane, gantry crane, overhead crane. Take and transformation, can also be used for hoisting. Electric hoist is one of the commonly used lifting equipment in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, freight yards, shops and so on. It is necessary to improve labor efficiency and improve working conditions.

5Ton Hoist

Advantages of imported electric hoist:

  1. No explosion-proof grade requirements, to solve the problem of other electric hoist explosion-proof
  2. Clean energy, because the compressed medium for air, will not cause environmental pollution problems, to achieve cleaner production
  3. Lifting mechanism with overload protection device to ensure the safety of homework
  4. Easy and flexible control can be continuous, not chaos, frequent homework, with a high degree of chaos.Mini Electric Hoist
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