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Wire Rope Electric Winch

Usage Precautions for Wire Rope Electric Winch

Introduction of Wire Rope Electric Winch:

Wire Rope Electric Winch

1, set up operating shed, and should ensure that the operator can see the command staff and drag or lift the object. Construction of the building, scaffolding and site stacking materials, components, etc., should not affect the driver of the entire process of monitoring the scope of operation. Operation in the area of hazardous operation, the top should meet the requirements of the shelter.

2, solid foundation. Winches should be as far away from the dangerous operating area, select the higher terrain, soil strong place, buried anchor steel rope and hoist seat lock, the front should piling, control hoist movement and overturning.

3, reel direction. The distance between the reel and the center of the guide pulley, from the reel to the first guide pulley, is as follows: the grooved roll shall be 15 times larger than the width of the reel and the grooved reel shall be greater than 20 times to prevent the roll When the drum is running, the wire rope is staggered and the flange of the guide wheel is worn with the rope.

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