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Workstation Bridge Crane

Workstation Bridge Crane to a regular “physical examination.””

structure of bridge crane


For the location of a large Workstation Bridge Crane inspection need special equipment inspection institute has more authoritative inspection approach, Usually after the equipment sold, before the installation, because of the crane belongs to large equipment, once appear quality problem will cause relatively large, Therefore, lifting equipment must be specially check can only be put into use after inspection.

Routine inspection of Workstation Bridge Cranes includes:

  1. The various parts of the crane (whether the screws are fastened, whether the sliding parts are lubricated continuously, etc.)
  2. Electrical parts: to replace aging cable in time, in time clean up the dust inside the case.
  3. The steel structure parts: especially after the bad weather to meticulous observation are cracks and welding structure whether there is a crack. Check whether the main part is rust, and timely cleaning, whether connecting shaft screw fastening, whether out of shape.
  4. Lifting mechanism check: sling routine inspection (loose hook whether rust, screw, wire rope and pulley whether complete, run smooth, and whether reel solid).
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