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electromagnet crane

Use electromagnet crane suction cup precautions

Precautions for using electromagnet crane suction cups

electromagnetic crane

 Electromagnet crane suction cup in the power state can produce a strong adsorption force, it is installed in the automation equipment can be adsorbed objects to stop or move the action. Widely used in automated distribution production line, sorting machines, robots, test equipment, medical equipment, grinding, cutting and other automated processing production line materials or product delivery, transmission, control, energy saving, safe and reliable, and remote operation.

Precautions for use:

  1. The surface of the adsorbed object should be as flat as possible.

2, the area to be adsorbed should not be smaller than the electromagnet suction surface.

  1. The adsorbed object must be a magnetically permeable material, such as electrician pure iron, low carbon steel, silicon steel sheet and so on.
  2. Adsorbent objects must have a sufficient thickness (5mm or more), the general situation can not be lower than the electromagnet wall thickness.
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