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The use of gantry cranes

The use of gantry cranes

Long Span Gantry Crane
The horizontal bridge is set on two legs Shaped gantry crane.The cranes operate on ground tracks and are mainly used for handling and installation operations in open storage yards, docks, power stations, ports and railway freight stations. Gantry crane hoisting mechanism, trolley running structure and bridge structure, the same as the bridge type basic crane.Because of the large span mostly adopts respectively drive way,In order to prevent the skew of crane operation and increase resistance, or even an accident.
Gantry crane’s hoisting trolley frame running in bridge, some lifting trolley is a jib type crane.

The legs on both sides of the bridge are usually rigid legs; span more than 30 meters, the side is often a rigid outrigger, and the other side of the ball hinge and bridge connecting flexible legs, so that the mast became static system , So as to avoid the external load due to the lateral thrust caused by additional stress can also compensate for longitudinal deformation of the bridge frame Gantry crane wind area, in order to prevent the glide or overturning under strong winds, equipped with wind measuring instrument and Crane rail clamp with interlocking with operating mechanism.

Bridge can be no two ends of the cantilever; can also be one end of the cantilever or both ends of the cantilever,To expand the scope of operations. Semi-gantry crane bridge at one end of the leg, the other end without legs, directly in the high-platform operation.

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