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The technical parameters of the crane

The technical parameters of the crane
Technical parameters of the crane is characterization of crane operation ability, is the basic of crane
design, But also all engaged in lifting operations personnel must master the basic knowledge.Crane’s basic
technical parameters are: weight, lifting height, span (belonging to the bridge type crane), range
(belonging to the jib crane), the agency work speed, productivity and work level, etc.The main technical
parameters of jib crane include lifting torque, etc., for the tires, cars, crawlers, railway cranes
climbing degree and the minimum turn (curvature) radius is also the main technical parameters.
With the development of crane technology, the work level has become an important technical parameters of
the crane.

Bridge crane parameters

The national standard GB 6974.2-86 “Lifting machinery terminology – Crane parameters” in China has
introduced the production and use of various types of lifting the main technical parameters (standard
terminology name), the definition of And the schematic drawing, the excerpts are shown in Table 1-1.

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