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The future development trend of electric hoist

The future development trend of electric hoist

Mini Electric Hoist

Electric hoist is a kind of delicate, convenient operating of lifting equipment, With the diversification of people’s demand for production, electric hoist should be diversified, only in this way can be more suitable for people’s lives.

Through the market analysis of electric hoist, the study found that the future development of electric hoist space is still very broad, after careful analysis, can be broadly classified into the following areas.

(1) Changes in the shape of the design: shape design to change the traditional round design, the use of square design, modular design, increase the versatility of parts.

(2) The motor uses the 2,4,6 pole conical rotor motor to adapt different working conditions.

(3) Electric hoist is designed reasonable, strive to use less base type to cover the entire series; Increase double brake: conical wheel brake and high-speed shaft compensation.

(4) High quality steel wire rope: In the tensile strength under the premise of safety coefficient, Reduce the diameter of wire rope as far as possible, improve the quality of standard parts, such as wire rope, bearing and so on

(5) Structural form should be able to meet a variety of conditions: such as low clearance, double hanging points, lift doors and small curvature radius.

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