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Electric Hoist Winch

the Difference between electric winch and Electric Hoist

Electric Winch and Electric Hoist ,What is the difference between the two products?

JM Electrtic HoistCD electric hoist

You may have seen it in your daily life. Different from the appearance, but these are the differences in appearance. So what is the difference between the winch and the electric hoist ? We separately from the operation mode, running speed, lifting height and appearance and use of five aspects of analysis:

The main difference between Electric Winch and Electric Hoist:

  1. Operation: electric hoist can shift around, winch can only be fixed.
  2. Running speed: the basic lifting speed of the basic rope is 8M / min, the winch is also generally 10 meters in the annex, this is based on the weight and model to decide
  3. Lifting height: wire rope electric hoist is generally 6M, 12M, etc., the installation of wire rope is not convenient because you install the wire rope, then the entire gourd reel, the volume will change. And the winch you only need to see his capacity, generally 100M accessories
  4. Electric hoist small size, winch is large size, electric hoist installation needs I-beam, winch can be fixed
  5. Electric hoist generally can only do with the lifting, winch in addition to lifting, but also can be used for traction
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