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the explosion-proof electric hoist grade

How to classify the explosion-proof electric hoist explosion-proof grade

Explosion Proof Hoist

Explosion-proof electric hoist is the most safe use of electric lifting equipment, Explosion-proof electric hoist according to the different use, explosion-proof electric hoist can be divided into HYJI type electric hoist metallurgy (Metallurgical wire rope electric hoist), HYJJII type electric hoist metallurgy (Metallurgical wire rope electric hoist), HB (BCD) explosion-proof electric hoist, HB (AS) explosion-proof electric hoist, ASH electric hoist, explosion-proof electric hoist chain etc. various types of styles of lifting equipment.

Protection class: Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B, Ⅱ C grade, the temperature group for the T1-T4 group of flammable gas or steam and air mixture of explosive gas mixture of the place.

Explosion-proof electric hoist can be sub-B, C-class. Explosion-proof electric hoist generally applicable in Zone 1, Zone 2. Explosion-proof electric hoist applicable temperature is mainly from T1-T6, to T6 this level is the highest temperature limit. For example, DIICT4 this is represented by: d on behalf of the flameproof. II on behalf of Class II explosion-proof, that is, factory explosion-proof. C can be used for C-class explosion-proof areas, that is, can be used for the most dangerous areas. T4 represents the temperature group. Explosion-proof electric hoist are generally used DIICT4 this level of explosion-proof electric hoist more.

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