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Explosion Proof Hoist

HB model electric hoist is explosion proof hoist, the motors and electrical parts include explosion proof protection, it is used in explosion environment.

Explosion Proof Hoist

The capacity from 1ton to 32ton.

The lifting height from 6m to 100m.

Power source is 380V,50Hz,3Phase or other demands

Duty class is M3.

Application of explosion proof hoist

Classification Explosion proof mark Applicable environment Highest surface temperature Material example of

dangerous combustible

ExdⅠMb Underground of coal mine 150℃ Methane and coal dust
Exd ⅡB T4 Explosion gas            135℃ Ethane, propane, butane, heptane, decane, ethylene, carbon monoxide etc
Exd ⅡC T4 Hydrogen, water gad & acetylene
DIP A 21TA T4 Combustible dust 135℃ Aluminium  dust, flour, synthetic tree cosmetics, cotton, synthetic fiber


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