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rail mounted container gantry crane

rail mounted container gantry crane (RMG)


Rail mounted container gantry crane is widely used for handling,loading and stack of container, in container rail transfer points and large scale container storage and transport field in port. According to containers storage and transport process flows and arrangement of handing vehicles(container trucks or railway vehicles), RMG’s portal frame can be divided into three types,named non-cantilever type, single-cantilever type and double-cantilever type.At present, our products have formed standardization series.
RMG hoisting mechanism is equipped with handling operation sling suitable for ISO 20’/40’ international standard containers and loaded vans. With machinery or electrical stabilizer to reduce swing of sling. The cabin is usually hung under the trolley and travel together. The whole crane use PLC control system. The crane traveling mechanism also can be installed deviation rectifier according to span change.

rail mounted container gantry crane

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