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Lubrication parts of bridge crane

Lubrication parts of bridge crane and precautions

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Lubrication is the important measures to ensure the normal operation of the machine to extend the life of parts, improve efficiency and safety of production .Maintenance personnel should fully understand the importance of equipment lubrication, often check the lubrication of the movement points, and regularly to the lubrication point filling lubricants (grease).

1, the main lubrication parts

bridge hoist; ② various bearings; ③ gear coupling; ④ reducer; ⑤ wire rope; ⑥ hinge on the brake.

2, lubrication precautions

1) keep the lubricating oil (grease) clean;

2) different grades of lubricants (grease) can not be mixed;

3) choose the appropriate lubricating oil (grease) according to the specified time lubrication;

4) the use of pressure grease method (with oil gun or oil pump, screw cap oil cup) to add grease, so that the grease can be pushed to the friction surface, to prevent the hand can not get into the friction surface;

5) wet areas should not use sodium-based grease, because of its strong hydrophilic, easy to failure;

6) the agencies do not have the oil injection point of rotation, should be regularly with a thin oil pot in the rotation of the gap, in order to reduce the friction and prevent corrosion.

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