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The double beam crane

The parameters of the double beam crane


Double beam crane is a commonly used overhead crane, with electric car use. The double beam crane is an important tool and equipment in the process of modern industrial production and lifting and transportation to realize the brake, click, enlarge, mechanization and automation. It has been widely used in indoor and outdoor, industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel, chemical industry, railway transportation and logistics turnover.

The performance parameters of the double beam overhead crane include lifting capacity, lifting height, span, mechanism work speed, etc.

  1. Lifting capacity: refers to the double beam overhead crane working normally allows maximum lifting weight.
  2. Lifting height: the distance between the upper limit and the lower limit of the sling;
  3. Span: the distance between the vertical center line of the two ends of the main girder of the crane.
  4. Mechanism work speed
  5. Hoisting speed: refers to the motor in the rated speed, the hoist lifting speed when the fetch the device.
  6. Cart speed: refers to the supporting institution motor at rated speed, the speed of crane running.
  7. The trolley running speed: refers to the trolley running mechanism, motor at rated speed, lifting trolley running speed.
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