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the Carts of Gantry Crane

How to deal with the carts of gantry crane?

Analysis of Gantry Crane carts skew operation,Gnawing rail:

1)Gantry Crane two active wheels straight error is too large
2)The active wheel of the crane is not all in contact with the rail
3)The driving wheel axis is not straight
4)Crane metal structure deformation
5)Track installation is of poor quality
6)There is oil or frost at the top of the rail

the Treatment methods of Crane carts skew operation,Gnawing rail:

1)Measurement, processing, change wheels of hoisting machinery
2)The full load of carts to the end of the cart behind, if the cart is positive, indicating that the end
of the driving wheel did not with track all contact,Wheel pressure is small, can increase the diameter of
the end of active wheel;
3)Check and eliminate the phenomenon of axis deflection
5)Adjust the crane track, so that the track in line with the installation of technical conditions
6)Eliminate oil and frost

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