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overhead crane pulley

The Characteristics of overhead crane pulley

Overhead Crane pulley has been widely used in lifting transportation, port handling, shipbuilding, grab,
tackle, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, construction and installation, is following the casting
pulley, double-spoke pulley after the replacement products, Light weight, good quality, wear-resistant,
simple and beautiful appearance, Lighter than casting pulley with specification about 40%, has the
outstanding advantages of casting roller can’t compare with.
Hot-rolling pulley is a new kind of pulley on international in the 1980s, is lifting transportation,
metallurgy, chemical industry, mining machinery, construction and installation of the indispensable
components.Hot-rolled pulley, welding roller has the following advantages:

1.Reasonable structure, high strength, light weight, 40% lighter than with the specifications of the
casting roller.
2.The groove surface is smooth and wear-resistant, and can be heat-treated to enhance its hardness, thus
extending the pulley service life 1-2 times
3.Cutting than the casting pulley reduced by about 70%,As a result, save a large amount of materials,
reduce the processing time, and eliminate the deformation after welding.
4.Can produce different specifications of the species, to adapt to single or mass production.
5.Manufacturing cycle is short (than the casting pulley to improve work efficiency 10-20 times)
6.high precision: radial runout is 1 / 1000D (D-pulley diameter), more than West Germany DIN15063-77
standard 5 / 1000D, lateral jump of 2 / 1000D than the Japanese standard 3 / 1000D.
7.The process of mold, beautiful appearance, quality and stability.

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