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The development trend of bridge crane

The development trend of bridge crane

1.Adopting new theories, new technologies and new means.Further carry out the material handling machinery
load variation, dynamic characteristics, fatigue characteristics and the reliability of experimental
study;The modern design methods such as optimization design, reliability probability design, limit state
design, virtual prototype design and CAD / CAE design were popularized.

2.To the automation, intelligence and information technology, to complete, system and large-scale
development.All kinds of materials handling machinery for the complete set of single system, so that the
production equipment and material handling machinery combine.
By computer on the material handling system for dynamic simulation,to find the best match combination, and
this kind of automatic, intelligent equipment into the system of multilevel computer control and
management of network information, with the monitoring and self-diagnosis maintenance device.

3.Development of large ,high efficiency and energy saving.One of the largest bridge crane lifting weight
up to 1200 t.Adopt double carriage, double 40 ft box of 80 t container cranes;Productivity of 8 ~ 10 000
000 t/h of bucket wheel stacker reclaimer;Automated stereoscopic warehouse stacker machine with maximum
speed of 400 m/m in;Biggest bandwidth up to 32 m,the capacity of belt conveyor transmission is 37 500 t/h
and standalone maximum transmission distance of more than 30 km, etc.
4.To the module, universal, to simple, diversified development.
On the series production of general-purpose material handling machinery, the use of modular combination,
with fewer components of multi-species, multi-standard, multi-purpose series of products.
5.Attention to the rational product, man-machine relationship, appearance and surface coating, is
conducive to improving operational efficiency and operational safety, comfort.

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