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How to be safer when the overhead crane is earthed

How to be safer when the overhead crane is earthed

In a security check, the security personnel proposed that most of the equipment grounding does not meet the requirements.

Some devices assume that the rails themselves are grounded and do not require additional grounding. Only the cab and the chassis ground handling, it is unreasonable.

There are several forms of overhead crane grounding ,such as:

Overhead crane ground:

1) track grounding, mainly after the grounding of the track connection;

2) grounding to select a moderate allowable position, buried in line with the requirements of the standard grounding;

3) the continuity of the overhead crane frame connection, which means that the insulation does not allow isolation between the components;

4) Steel structures with non-welded connection jumper, car trolley with grounding slider or grounding boots, electrical equipment are grounded, the best use of TN-C system.

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