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Rail Mounted Crane

Analyze the cause of the Rail Mounted Crane accident and do the protective measures

Rail Mounted Crane in the process of use, will be dumping or appear collapse accident, which will not only bring economic losses to the enterprise, but also delay the construction period. It is understood that the main reason for the body tipping over the following.

1, the driving track foundation sinking, cracking or deformation, resulting in the Rail Mounted Crane on the way to derail or tipping. 2, orbital limit plate installation location is not standard, and even some thinner block, did not play the effect of the limit, resulting in Kaifeng Rail Mounted Cranes overturned caused by tipping.

3, the Rail Mounted Crane clip rail or anchor device does not lead to tipping.

4, weather factors, such as encounter typhoons, tornadoes and gusts down.

5, the track distance error, resulting in driving skew, partial rail, gnawing track, or even tipping.

In daily life, we want to make a Rail Mounted Crane efficient operation. In addition to requiring experienced drivers, the Rail Mounted Crane is required to be highly efficient. As the Rail Mounted Crane bought back, the performance of its machine almost fixed down. The machine is often a long time, the Rail Mounted Crane suffered a variety of wear and tear.


To this end, in order to improve the efficiency of the use of the machine, usually to do the relevant maintenance.

1, the driver to pay attention to what matters

1.1, when the shift is carried out, the driver is to work to the successor to the official introduction of the failure. At the same time, the successor should carefully check and maintain all the work.

1.2, due to the long Rail Mounted Crane operation, in order to prevent the existence of the fault; must be about 15-20 minutes on the Rail Mounted Crane inspection.

1.3, in order to prevent the existence of loopholes, the shift time, it is best to check the conditions of the Rail Mounted Crane.

2, on time inspection and maintenance Under normal circumstances, we refer to the regular inspection mainly refers to the machinery for a long time after the operation; in the specified time to check the Rail Mounted Crane.

At present, the Rail Mounted Crane inspection time week inspection, monthly inspection, inspection and so on. The user can check the Kaifeng Rail Mounted Crane according to the specific time.

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