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Single beam bridge crane

Single beam bridge crane hook trouble maintenance precautions

Single beam bridge crane

Single girder overhead crane in the process of use, often encounter hook rise failure, resulting in the failure of the reasons may be due to the equipment power lines, control problems or control device problems. In addition to rising failure, the hook can not fall, the use of the hook is not flexible and there are cracks and other problems there are security risks. As a common fault in a single beam crane failure, it is important to have a correct understanding of the hook failure.

Single girder overhead crane

The hook is the most common picking device on a single girder overhead crane, which is responsible for the lifting load. In the operation, the hook once damaged damage, the consequences could be disastrous. Causing hooks to crack and break. In order to ensure the use of safety, the use must be strictly in accordance with the rules, is strictly prohibited overload. Check the opening of the hook, wear and the corresponding safety devices such as scientific analysis and processing. If there is a crack in the hook, according to GB10051 — 88 standard processing.

Single overhead craneoverhead crane

Maintenance of single girder overhead crane

(1) the maintenance of the crane, the demolition check hook, shaft, horizontal beam bridge crane, pulley, bearing and cleaning lubrication, hook can not exist, otherwise according to the rules. The threaded part should be tightened and the bearing is not damaged. Rotate the pulley, thread reamer appears when the knife marks or cracks, should be discarded replacement. “U & ^! A / F9]

(2) check the dangerous section of wear and tear conditions, when the degree of wear is greater than the original height of 10%, as a scrapped, replacement processing.

(3) overhaul after the test on the hook, with the rated load of 1.25 times the suspension of more than 10 minutes, the hook opening elasticity is not higher than the original size of 0.25%, and no distortion after the download, crack.

(4) When the hook is caulked, the gap between the plate and the plate is not more than 0.3mm.

bridge crane

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